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The Progressive JavaScript Framework.

Approachable. Versatile. Performant.


The Progressive JavaScript Framework.

Approachable. Versatile. Performant.

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Vue.js is the most approachable full-featured frontend framework.Vercel takes the same approach to website deployment, by taking configuration out of the equation.

Jake Peterson, Senior Engineer At Tilta

Vercel makes it effortless to deploy a Nuxt/Vue.js site for client review, staging, and production. With zero-config deployments and high performance serverless pre-rendering, I exclusively use Vercel on Tiltaing.

The features are unmatched and keep getting better.

Jake Peterson, Senior Engineer At Tilta

With a single platform for HTTPS-enabled, CDN-backed, production grade sites, Jake is able to prototype, launch, and iterate faster than ever before.

Top-notch Performance

With its blazing fast virtual DOM, Vue.js is a great choice for performance. Enjoy even more optimizations when you deploy withVercel, thanks to our built-in Edge Network.






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Automatic HTTPS and CDN

Every deployment created with Vercel is powered by our Edge Network and automatically secured with an auto-renewing SSL certificate. Your content is always delivered securely, and blazing fast — without any configuration.

Merge Confidently & Continuously with Preview Deployments

Enable the Vercel GitHub and GitLab integrations with a single-click for continuous deployment previews. Every deployment is created using the same infrastructure as production, so you can confidently ship the same content that you review.

Using a Different Framework?

Vercel is the easiest way to deploy your framework. Take advantage of single-command deployment, automatic built-in SSL and global CDN, first-class integrations with GitHub and GitLab, and more.

Deploy Vue.js sites with Vercel.